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Customized bathroom vanities are the ideal solution for all families, large and small. They become the focal point of your sink and all its storage. These vanities are made locally and provide ample storage space and conceal the plumbing underneath. They add luxury to the bathroom.

Whether you’re planning a standard vanity or a made to order one we will help you find or build the perfect one and install it all for a competitive price.

Turning Your Dilema Into Your Perfect Solution

Is your vanity tiny and cluttered? Does it feel crowded when you and other family members are sharing that one tiny sink ?

Maybe it’s at the wrong height or there isn’t enough storage underneath.

The bathroom’s centerpiece is the vanity. Badly-maintained washroom vanities can result in clutter and less functionality. And without adequate storage it can make it hard to locate what you are looking for when you need it. If it isn’t at the right height, it can make using the sink difficult.

The unique feature of vanities is their ability to personalize the look to suit your needs and preferences. You can choose the right height, depth and function.

We will listen to what you want and desire.  Examine your space to understand your layout.  Then we will share our plan that incorporates your style and desires, the uses and one that fits your budget. 
There are many options, such as floating and double sink units. And there are many stock options available, but you may need specific dimensions to fit your space .
No matter whether you’re looking for a vanity sink in the powder room or your master en suite. We have the experience in Ottawa bathroom renovations and the skills to install a premade vanity or design and build your unique custom vanity.
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What’s The Difference Between:

Pre Made

Pre-made bathroom vanities are more than just an affordable alternative to custom work. They offer many options as well as some unique characteristics.

You might be amazed at the range of pre-made ones that can be scaled to your specific space. Pre-made cabinets usually consist of standard-sized components. You can even connect multiple vanities together with connector pieces to make one up to ten feet long. Although it is not as easy as fitting it to your specific space dimensions, it can be more flexible than what you may think.

Larger manufacturers of vanities have extensive collections. They offer a variety of  styles in different colors. You might not be able to get the exact color you want, however, if your goal is to have your vanity painted white, then it may be worthwhile considering pre-made choices.

Pre-made ones often come with matching stone countertops. This adds a luxurious finish. Manufacturers of mass-produced vanities purchase stone in large quantities, then cut and assemble it according to their requirements. This allows you to get the exact same result as a custom one without the effort. Although these may come with a single stone top, many companies offer an impressive range of colors and stone types.

You should consider a bigger vanity manufacturer if a uniform, coherent bathroom design is important to your home. Many manufacturers will sell matching bathroom furnishings. Virtually every vanity can be used with a matching vanity, and almost all can be paired together with a matching glass mirror.

USB Chargers and Outlets with Built-In Chargers have been appearing in pre-made  vanities. The result is that you get similar hardware and function, but don’t need to have a professional electrician or carpenter installed to guarantee it works

We try to keep your budget in mind. That is why we use prefabricated ones in most hallway washrooms and powder rooms.

Custom Built

The best thing about custom vanities? It’s customizable. It doesn’t matter if your bathroom is large or small, as it can be tailored to your exact space

Many vanity makers have taken great care to expand their inventory and offer semi-custom options with a wide range of choices. However every washroom is different. And this allows every space to be maximized by customizing everything. Which allows for maximum function.

A major benefit of custom-built vanitities is the freedom to choose the finish, wood stain, paint and color you desire.

You can choose your own stone countertop. However custom stone tops can become quite expensive because they have to be ordered, cut and then installed individually.

The best thing about customizing your bathroom furniture is the ability to have it all built to match. And you can guarantee the vanity to have USB chargers and outlets with built-in chargers installed exactly where you want these high-tech features placed.

There are many pre made options, but sometimes a customized unit is needed. A custom vanity allows you to design it for the exact size and space.

Custom vanities are our favorite choice for master washrooms. We can design the entire vanity, from its overall appearance to the drawer-by-drawer functionality. This gives the master bathroom a spa-like feeling.


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Personalize Everything

You can have your vanities customized to meet all your desires. Everything can be made to order, from the size to fit into the space to the design to complement existing décor.

You can choose from a variety of materials and finishes so that you have exactly what you need in bathroom cabinets and drawers. You can have them in any size, color or width. You can be as creative as you want to be. This means yours will suit your style and preferences.

You have the option to choose decorative hardware and enhancements that will complement the feel of your vanity. This means it will be unique and stand out.
We have the experience to design, build and install your one of a kind vanity that is specifically made for you and your space.
Personalized Vanity
Vanity Maximizing Storage and Space

Maximize Storage & Space

Everybody wants more storage. Custom washroom vanities made to measure can be easily adapted to your specific bathroom dimensions. This ensures that no space is lost and maximizes the use of space. You can make the most of every inch in your washroom with our made to order ones.

With the additional storage your custom vanity will allow you to store accessories. This means there will be no need to keep hygiene and grooming products scattered around the bathroom.

No matter the proportions of your room we have the skills to make your vanity and storge spaces look great while being functional.

Boost Functionality

You can customize vanities to suit your individual needs. You could have separate sections with sinks for you and your partner. Add additional storage with floor-to ceiling cabinets, and built-in drawers. A custom unit makes your bathroom much more useful and functional

There will no longer be any awkward corners to contend with or cabinets doors that are too wide. You will also find it less difficult to do urgent tasks, making your morning routine easier.

You can trust us to make the most of every square inch of your washroom for better use and more appealing results.

Functional Vanities

Stop Bumping Into Each Other!  It’s Time For A New Vanity.

How To Choose A Vanity

Although we would like it to be an easy process, the reality is that this requires more consideration and thought.  It is important to contemplate everything, from functionality to appearance.

Use these steps to help you choose the best vanity for your situation.

Look At Who Is Going To Be Using It

Consider the person or people who will be using it and the kind of items they use it for.

A double sink vanity may work well if both you and your partner are renovating an ensuite. A smaller one might work if you live alone.

Also, consider it’s purpose. For someone who loves to style their hair and makeup, more counter space is necessary.

Over the years we have created many vanities and can help you create one that suits your needs.

Discover Where Your Plumbing Is Located

Changes to plumbing can be costly and time-consuming. Thats is why your existing plumbing will most likely determine the location of your vanity

Your plumbing also could dictate in you choosing the style. A floor situated vanity, can use the standard plumbing layout. Wall-mounted ones require moving your plumbing connections for the sink.

It is possible to move plumbing. However, it all depends on your goals and budget. You can reduce your choices by working with existing plumbing.

Consider The Potential Obstacles To Determining Size And Placement

You can change bathroom designs at any time. What about doors and walls? This is a bit more difficult. It limits where you can place it.

Door swing: A bathroom door that swings inwards towards the vanity can be both annoying and inefficient.

Shower: Would you prefer a shower that has a glass door to a curtain? If you choose a door for your shower then that is another swing to consider when placing your vanity.

Toilet: Will you place the it near, next to, or far from the toilet? Will it be too cramped when using the toilet?

Traffic flow: Navigating through the other areas of your bathroom should not be a chore because of your vanity. You’ll get frustrated if you keep bumping into your it trying to escape someone else.

Try walking around the area. You can use a substitute if you have trouble visualizing. A big box works well. You can use this to get an idea of where and how the vanity will affect your room.

After you’ve got the rough location, you can reduce the size in the same manner. Here is where the tape measure can be of great help. You should end up with a set measurements that shows you where your it will be located.

Choose How Much and Which Type of Storage You Need

A custom vanity has the added benefit of more storage. Finally, you’ll have somewhere to store everything.
Be careful not to get excited about storage.
There may be some compromise depending on how much space you have and the items that you need to store. You may find it difficult to fit three drawers in the available space. Mix and match may be necessary. We can help you create a design that will work no matter the situation.
Keep in mind that cabinet doors and drawers take up different types of space. Doors will open out to the sides, while drawers will reach out from the front. One may be better than another depending on how your bathroom is laid out.

Choose The Right Sink Style

While you’re likely to have spent much time choosing the faucets and taps that best suit your needs, they’re only part of the overall sink. Also, consider how the bowl will affect the appearance and functionality of your vanity.

There are so many options for sinks, and it can seem overwhelming to choose the right one. It is best to determine how much counter space and sink area you need.

No matter what style you choose, a sink will take up space on your counter. However, it is possible to reduce the counter space by choosing the right one. To get an idea of the layout compare standard sinks with undermount, vessel and all-in one styles.

Your priorities will influence the size of your sink. A smaller sink can be more effective if your surface is limited.

Select Materials That Can Withstand Wear, Tear, And Will Look Exactly The Way You Desire

Your vanity will be exposed to many different substances over its lifespan. There are many substances that can come into contact with it, including water, makeup and cleaning products. Due to our steaming hot baths, it will also be found in a humid room.

It is important to have a one that will withstand any kind of lifestyle. There are some materials that work best in warm and humid climates.

You may love the appearance of one type or finish but it might not be waterproof or be resistant to scratching. Materials such as wood veneers and thermofoil will last well in the bathroom. They also look great.

A vanity top should be durable and easy to clean. You have many choices of counter tops and materials to make your it beautiful and functional.

With Personal Style, There Are No Wrong Choices

In the end, you should have a vanity that is beautiful and something you love to use. You have the option to make final design choices.

You want your remodel to look just the way that you like it. This also applies to bathroom vanities.
Bathroom Renovators Ottawa can assistn you with the entire process. Book an appointment to get your vanity, as well as the bathroom that you desire.

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We Design, Build And Install Vanities

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We can then share our vision with you that will make your custom vanity a reality.